Megan Dority

I'm a 20-something Social Media aficionado by day and a wannabe blogger by night. After graduating from college and taking a shot at life in the "real world" I have decided to come back to writing as a form of meditation and a lot of venting. Life in your twenties is confusing and no one should feel alone in this weird stage we're in.

I must warn you, that this is my personal blog that I have consciously decided to make public in hopes that other quarter lifers can relate and avoid that anomic state of mind that can sometimes take over. If you feel confused AF about life, then subscribe and follow along the quarter life roller coaster.

I plan on writing this blog as if I were talking. Because, for me, it's a lot easier to write about this sh*t than to talk about it. I often use abbreviations…very millennial of me and I have absolutely no filter. 

Aside from my 9-5 job and my quarter life crisis blog, I do have a life. I enjoy spending time with my best friends who are now scattered across the globe. I value friendships over everything. My family is my rock, my support system, and my team. I am a huge animal lover with two cats #CrazyCatLady. 

Activities are my life. If I had it my way brunching would be a mandated religious practice every weekend. In addition to eating and boozing, I do enjoy being active whether it's hitting the slopes, hiking, water skiing, running, or doing yoga. 

Many of my friends call me "Flight Risk Meg" because I'm constantly traveling, whether it be to a different country or just a weekend getaway. I believe travel truly puts your life and your world into perspective which is why I take every opportunity I can to escape the bubble I call home.

Lastly, if you can make me laugh, then we should be friends.