Misery Loves Company

Everyone has that one friend who should come with a warning label. The glass half empty friend, the complainer, the Debbie Downer, or the drama queen. My question is, why do these friends have to bring down others around them?

It's like contagion. If they're miserable, you're supposed to be just as miserable as them or else they're not satisfied. Misery loves company. 

They manage to find the bad in any good you may throw their way. No matter what kind of mood you may be in, the miserable friend knows how to bring you down. Miserable people will point out the negative in any situation, just for the sake of spreading the gloom. This dark cloud floats over them wherever they go and unfortunately spreads to those around them.  

Have you noticed that miserable people tend to be friends with other miserable people? Some of these friends may have already been miserable to start with and find comfort in knowing they can all be miserable together. However, others may have been perfectly happy until they were caught off guard by the plague of misery.

Welcome to the pity party.

Even if you put them in a positive environment with happy people they can somehow convert that up-lifting energy into negative energy. Perhaps they are introduced to a new person or even an old friend, friends making friends, right? Wrong. They don't like people, especially new people intruding on their pity party. Since they don't like seeing others happy, they will cop an attitude to whomever they meet. 

Miserable people are also very possessive. They don't want to see their friends have other friends, or a significant other, or even a really cool job. And, they will do their best to jeopardize those relationships and those achievements. They need to be the center of attention 24/7. 

If miserable people came with a warning label, they could easily be avoided.  Similar to a drug with bad side effects or a dangerous animal at the zoo with a "Do Not Touch" sign. Perhaps their warning label would say, "Hello, my name is Miranda and I don't like people" or "Hello, my name is Dana and I cause drama wherever I go."

Jealousy, aggression, sass and straight up shit-talking are common qualities of a miserable person. 

Bring them to a social event and you can guarantee they will cause some sort of rumble. Miserable people aren't ashamed of being rude or saying what's on their diluted mind. They have no filter. They will make sly little remarks in order to fuel the fire and won't stop until it is fuming.

They grasp onto the minute flaws they find in others and get high off pointing them out. They want to bring others down to their level, because it's unfair seeing others happy. These flaws may not even exist. In their minds they do, enough so, that they will relentlessly point them out, encouraging others to pipe in and agree just to fortify their clouded beliefs. 

Miserable people have a different perspective on the world than most. This is likely due to their own insecurities, and as insecure as they may be, they somehow maintain a pretty large ego. They may dislike themselves, but they dislike everyone else much more. They carry themselves on a fictional pedestal where they can do no wrong and their sh*t smells like roses. 

Miserable need a reality check. If you're friends with someone who discourages you, envies you, or doesn't bring anything positive into your life, they need to go.

In a perfect world, they'd be able to share the happiness of others and see the positive in any situation. They'd treat others with respect and steer clear of drama, rather than running head first into it. If you don't see those changes happening anytime soon for your Negative Nancy, you need to move on. 

You can no longer be the company to their misery. No matter how long you've been friends with this miserable person, it's time to kiss them goodbye. Because, why should you have to put up with someone who dims your sparkle?