The Quarter Life

The Quarter Life (n): The quarter life is a period of time in your life, typically ranging from your early twenties to early thirties (please note: this time period may vary from person to person). During this time, one may experience doubts about their own lives, relationships, friendships, and careers. The stress of becoming an adult is real and in return may cause one to experience a quarter-life crisis

Highline - NYC,  March 2014

Highline - NYC,  March 2014

The quarter life is probably the most pivotal time in our lives. We are young adults entering the world of opportunity. We've survived puberty, we've experienced hardships, we've fallen in love, we've graduated from college, and we're now taking all of these lessons and applying them to our future. 

Looking back, high school and college were easy peasy. It was like being in an institution. We had rules to follow, a set schedule to live by, friends came easily, and the term "YOLO" essentially unified us all. Now, we're at a point in our lives where there are no set rules, there's no set schedule, and there's no guarantee you're going to be best friends with the people you work with. You're on your make your own rules and your own schedule.

We're the generation that doesn't want that set in stone 9-5 job...but we're still not really sure what we want. We obviously want friends, but how can we make them if we're stuck working in a cubicle all day? Or, how do we find that significant other when we're not forced to sit next to him/her in our marketing class? Everything is just confusing, unstable, and unclear. It's like our life is moving, but we're mentally at a stand-still.

We're at a crossroads in life. We are supposed to decide what to make of our future. We are supposed to know who we are. This is a unique time in our lives where our past, present, and future are colliding together, creating an ongoing meteor shower of thoughts occurring in our heads.

As they say, "time heals all wounds" and the quarter life is like a scab that keeps falling off. It takes time to heal. During this time we'll feel super high at times and super low at times (aka our scab is healed/I picked the scab and it's bleeding like a mofo). We have to stop picking at our flaws and fears and weaknesses and instead let ourselves heal. We have to actually allow ourselves to embrace this awkward time period in order to find a sense of clarity and direction. 

Embrace the quarter life...because there's no escaping it.