Cheese, chocolate, and wine? Yes, please... is exactly what I told my friend when she asked me to come visit her in Geneva after graduation. I mean I had to go. I created a freaking poster board and "research paper" on the country in 3rd grade. It was just meant to be. 

Switzerland by far exceeded my expectations and I can honestly confirm that it is one of the happiest places on Earth. You can't cross paths with someone without saying "bonjour" which was so refreshing and so not New York. I must give a huge thanks to my friend for inviting me into her adorable home in Geneva for 2 weeks and showing my the Swiss ways. Another perk of staying with my friend was that she actually spoke English, French, Italian, and Mongolian! I definitely got to learn more than one culture by staying with my Mongolian native, Swiss living, European boss, and LA bestie. 

Keep in mind, this was my first time to Europe and second trip outside the country (thanks to China). The food was mind blowing. MIND BLOWING. I couldn't eat enough cheese if I tried. You don't know Gruyere cheese until you go to Switzerland. I could bathe in their fondue. The wine was flowing all day and everyday and limoncello shots for dessert... now you're speaking my language. 

Aside from the foodie perks, the people I got to meet and the places I got to see were incredible. The people were all so friendly and intrigued by my American ways. Had I known Geneva was a mostly French speaking country, I probably would've learned the basics of the language. It was a little difficult to understand people in the bumpin' night clubs in Geneva. The Swiss definitely know how to have a good time.

I got to explore what Geneva had to offer day in and day out. It's a beautiful city filled with friendly people, easy transportation, a fun night life, and beautiful views. Climbing the Swiss Alps, inhaling the Swiss culture, and exploring an adorable town in Yvoire, France was the deal breaker.

Europe you're not done with me yet! I'm definitely coming back for more.